The treatment process inspection and effective treatment can last hours, and often need to call a professional in pest control more than once so they can keep a monitoring of the situation. The first thing you have to do is removing all your belongings from around the bed or the infected area, they may be a place to hide for the bed bugs. Then, you should wash all your clothing, blankets, sheets, covers and pretty much every clothing related to the bed under hot water, remember the water has to be at least 50º Celsius. Why washing them? Because these items can not be treated with insecticides. If you have any items which can’t be washed, just put them in a hot dryer, the heat will kill the bed bugs as well. It is recommended to leave this at least 30 minutes to make sure nothing will come out alive.

Although the measures we mention before are useful, insecticides are really important factor and their job is huge in all this. The will become crucial when killing and eliminating the bed bugs. Professional pests control will start using a variety of insecticides such as sprays, powders and aerosol products. If you ever tried using the same insecticides you use with ants or cockroaches you must have realized that they are pretty much useless when it comes to killing bed bugs.

The insecticide application should include all areas where bed bugs seem to be living such as the mattress and the mattress support. If you ever see dark spots on your mattress is because of the excrement of the bed bug, but it will be a nice hint on where they are moving, that should help you discovering them. Sometimes the help of professionals is needed, not every single time, but it will give you a hand if you are fighting against a big infestation. Otherwise, you can find insecticides in any supermarket or store, but they may not be as much as effective.

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