How to choose the best backpack blowers and which are the best-selling models – Who has a garden knows how difficult it is to keep it in order, among leaves, branches, grass etc., you can spend several days cleaning and moving all the junk that has formed, but the blower can help you, able to move all the debris with blows of air and place them in a point you decide, all with the utmost simplicity and minimum effort. However, choosing the best backpack blower is not easy at all, for this reason in this guide you will find several useful tips to find the right one to take home.

If you have already done a search around the shops and the internet you have probably realized that there are different models of blowers, which can differ in particular for the feeding. We have petrol engine blowers that can be fitted with a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine, what most distinguishes the two types of engine is the power supply: a mixture of petrol + oil in the 2-stroke, only petrol in the 4-stroke, moreover, the weight also makes a difference between the two types of engine, a 2-stroke engine is in fact lighter than a 4-stroke engine.

In choosing the best backpack blowers, you will notice that in addition to being blowers with 2t and 4t petrol engines, there are also battery-powered models. The electric motors in the best backpack blowers are new to the market, at the moment there are still few models on the market but their demand is growing more and more. The backpack blowers with electric motor can be used in areas where there are restrictions on noise pollution. Battery powered air blowers, although they can do their job well in most cases, are less powerful than petrol powered backpack blowers, and you will always have to take into account the battery life that will be recharged when exhausted and will have time limits for use, so if possible, it is better to have a spare battery.

In addition to the power supply, among the characteristics to be taken into consideration when choosing the best backpack blowers  we have the speed that comes out of the blower, this can vary from model to model, but in any case it goes from more or less from 50 m / s to over. 100 m / s. The amount of air needed may depend on the size of the area to be cleaned and the amount of debris to be removed.

Another of the important characteristics to consider in order to  choose the best backpack blowers  is the air flow that the blower is able to send. This value is directly proportional to the size of the tube from which the air comes out of the blower and the exit speed, the greater the diameter and the greater the high speed exit air. When choosing your blower, consider both the outgoing air and hose speeds to understand how powerful that blower might be.

A backpack air blower may need to be carried on the shoulder for some time, this is convenient because you can easily bring the blower to the desired point, but in any case the weight will be felt in the long run. So look for a blower that is light, but at the same time also ergonomic, able to best adapt to the body of the person who will use it. Then make sure that the shoulder straps are adjustable and that there is always an adjustable belt so that the blower is always snug and tight to the body.

When  choosing the best backpack blowers,  pay attention also to the accelerator that lets more or less air come out of the engine. The accelerator must be ergonomically designed to avoid straining the wrist, elbow and shoulder and the arm should maintain a natural shape when using the accelerator. To increase comfort and decrease fatigue,  the best backpack blowers  are equipped with an anti-vibration system capable of absorbing the vibrations that otherwise would be transmitted into the user’s body.

One final factor to consider when choosing the best backpack blowers is noise. Anything that exceeds 75 dB of noise leads to the need to protect your hearing in order not to suffer even serious damage and this can therefore affect all models of very noisy blowers, such as petrol ones and used at maximum power. In fact, being close to the ears, without any ear protection (such as headphones), could lead to hearing problems. Some of the best backpack blowers are equipped with a silencer that can reduce noise, but this is not always sufficient, which is why it is recommended to always use a pair of ear muffs when using the blower.

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